A mysterious exchange student, Mike becomes the new roommate to Seth and Woody. His innocent presence on the campus is deeper and more controversial than any BC Superfan could have guessed after his identity of Armenian royalty is revealed. We also learn that Mike is a big fan of Halo 1 and 2, the movie Swingers, and is dangerously seductive with beautiful women. How far does the rabbit hole go? Mike is quick to befriend Woody and Seth and the two friends are willing to accept Mike into their close friendship, but can Mike be trusted?


Mike Cherkezian '06

Mike is communication major and mathematics minor from Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Although he is not actually an Armenian transfer student, he is 100% Armenian.

He is direct roommates with Joe Sabia (Seth Lohan) and enjoys the fact that every conversation they have revolves around scheming and developing new "BC" ideas for commercial scripts, future episodes, plot twists, media publicity efforts, and guest stars. Every once in a while they discuss matters like school work or their own personal lives if time allows.

Mike has extensive experience in dramatic theatre and film. Growing up five miles outside New York City, Mike had the opportunity to acquire an acting agent in high school and to audition for many professional film and television productions. He was cast in the Kevin Costner baseball film For Love of the Game but donít look too hard for him because Mikeís scene ended up on the editing room floor. So it goes.

He has a great passion for creative writing. One of his long term goals is to complete and hopefully publish a collection of nine fictional short stories. Seven are completed to date.

Mike is grateful for his experience with producing The BC. He enjoys ever minute he spends working on show with such a talented group of friends. 

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