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Boston College Magazine "Made for TV" 5/24/06

Current Magazine "Soap Suds" 4/18/06

Elle Girl "B.C. is so the new O.C." 4/12/06

Boston Common Magazine "School of Love" 4/12/06

NECN News Segment 4/10/06

Entertainment Weekly: "The Must List: April 7, 2006" 4/7/06

SI on Campus "Hot or Not" 4/3/06

New York Times "A Web-Site Spoof Succeeds" 3/22/06

CBS4 Boston "Students Produce Hit Campus Soap Opera" 2/20/06

CBS Evening News Segment 2/19/06

WCVB - ABC Chronicle News Segment 2/16/06

Fox25 Continuing Segment 2/14/06

Chronicle of Higher Education "'The OC' Goes to College" 2/10/06

WFSB "'The BC' Generates National Buzz" 2/9/06

JesuitUSA News "On The Web" 2/8/06

New Haven Register "Hollywood, thanks to ‘The BC’" 1/30/06

Bostonist "2005's Top Four Best Webcasts" 12/28/05

BC Bulletin "California streamin’" December 2005

Bostonist "Bostonist Rates The BC" 12/14/05

The Metro "Welcome to 'The BC'" 12/06/05

Chronicle of Higher Education "As the Campus Turns" 11/25/05

The Heights "MacMillan sets the world aflame" 11/07/05

The Charlotte Observer "A star is born in 'The B.C.'" 10/26/05

The Boston College Chronicle "A Standing 'O' for 'The BC'" 10/20/05

Newsweek "Soaps: All My Students" October 24 Issue

The BU Free Press "BC soap based on college rivalry" 10/19/05

Matty in the Morning, morning Boston radio, 10/13/05

Fox25 News segment 10/13/05

Inside Higher Ed "Look out Orange County" 10/12/05

The Herald, "Life in "the BC" 10/11/05

The Heights "The BC is back for second season" 10/06/05

Boston Magazine October Issue "Chestnut Hill, here we come"

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