Melissa is the “perfect storm” of all things BC: Ugg boots, short skirt, popped collars, her own Facebook group, and an affinity for a well-mixed Appletini. She has earned top honors in the classroom and drawn every girl's envy because of her long-term relationship with basketball sensation Ryan Lukewalker. Everything in Melissa's life has been planned perfectly and is going smoothly…until she has to tutor a transfer student from Boston University.

Suddenly Melissa finds herself acting differently, befriending those she never thought she would, and putting in jeopardy the things she thought were most secure. Through the series, Melissa will have to confront her inner feelings, her hidden demons, and wonder if the life she always thought she would lead is really the one she wants. 


Nicolle Buckley ‘07

Nicolle Buckley is an economics major at Boston College. She grew up in Sonoma, California, and spent her youth stomping grapes for the family winery. Nicolle got her start as Mrs. Claus in a middle-school production of "Santa, You’re a Winner," and has been pursuing thespianism ever since. She auditioned for one play at BC, but alas, did not make it. However, that freed up her schedule to participate in Asinine, BC’s only sketch and improv comedy group, along with Woody, Joe, and Jessie. She also was secretary of Japan Club last year, and worked briefly at Campus Convenience. She is currently debating joining Omicron Delta Epsilon, the International Honor Society in Economics. But they require a fee, so probably not.

Nicolle would like to thank Woody and Joe for finally making her dreams of fame a reality. She would also like to give a shout-out to her mom and dad, as well as her 3 twin sisters.

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