A transplant from Boston University, Woody has immediately been placed inside a campus very different from his beloved BU. Constantly having to deal with label "That kid from the other Boston school," Woody feels like a complete outsider. In his attempt to make it in day to day life at BC, he will smash the stereotypes, battle with his inner demons, and make everyone else in the BC look upon themselves for who they really are.


Woody Tondorf '06 (co-writer)

Woody Tondorf is a political science/Islamic studies major in the Arts & Sciences Honors Program at Boston College. He produces and writes each episode of "The BC." He got his acting start at Thayer Academy in Braintree, Massachusetts in the improv comedy group "Flying By The Seat Of Our Pants." He then moved on to Boston College, where he writes, directs, and acts for the comedy group "Asinine." He is currently the Sketch Director. Asinine was where he met co-creator Joe Sabia, who had a wild idea to parody The O.C. One year later, he still regrets agreeing to do it.

Woody has also spent time in Washington DC, working for a prestigious think tank, the American Enterprise Institute. At AEI, he wrote and researched Congressional testimony, position papers, and op-ed pieces. In his spare time in DC, he bounced at the Rhino Bar and Pumphouse, where he insists he was "the worst bouncer…ever. If she had a library card, she got in." He suggests you check it out, and that you ask for Davis, Mike, Dave, or Misty.

Woody thanks his family, Mom, Dad, and brother T.J for their continued support. Other shout-outs go to his Mod 28B roommates and Ryan Fox, as well as Bill Simmons (of ESPN.com’s Page 2) for, "being everything I ever wanted to be." He also hopes for the glorious return of the Starter Jacket as a worthy fashion item (he’s got about four lying around, and is certain they’re worth their weight in gold on Ebay.)

Woody humbly asks that Fox refrain from suing everyone on the show, and that if Josh Schwartz has any room in the office; he makes a damn good cup of coffee…or a walk-on role. He doesn’t think he’s asking for much. If you’re a producer or writer for TV or film, the same deal applies.

If you have a moment, why not "friend" Woody on facebook.com? And if you’re a cute girl, why not call him up? After all, that’s why he took this job. 

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