Adam Shipley 06 (webmaster)

Adam Shipley originally hails from Fort Wayne, IN and chose to head out east to escape the corn fields that dominate Indiana. At orientation, he met Joe Sabia and over the years has been asked by Joe for technical help, so when Joe needed a webmaster for The BC, Joe called upon Adam to help maintain their website and add new content when needed. In return, Joe has given Adam roles as extras and as one of the ninjas. He is glad to be helping in this web-based soap, and keeps asking Joe to put in more content about BC hockey and other BC traditions. He also loves making new friends on the Facebook.

Adam has been praised by his colleagues on The BC for harassing other cast members to submit extras for the site, and getting new media on the site quickly and faster than Woody or Joe ever expected. Adam can be seen around campus working on projects for the Quality of Student Life Committee (and being their webmaster) as well as being a Tour Guide for Admissions.

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