An existential hero in the spirit of Holden Caufield, Benjamin Braddock, or any John Cusack character from the late 80's, Seth is socially awkward, a bit of a wise-ass, and, despite his best efforts to appear otherwise, full of longing. An accomplished and honored Admissions tour guide, Seth releases his inner tension in biting satire for Boston College 's premier comedy group, Asinine. From the outside it appears as if Seth has it all, but he senses there is something else out there...and he yearns for it.


Joe Sabia '06 (Creator/Executive Producer/Director/Editor)

A political science and economics major from Milford, Connecticut (small city with a big heart), Joe is currently spending his senior year at Boston College... as a very single male. Over a year ago, he created "The BC" as an homage to the BC/BU rivalry, the talented people at BC, and Fox's The OC. Using a school owned camera and editing on his laptop, gained all experience by himself with directing and editing. He does other film work, including involvement with friends from home. (

He studied abroad in Rome, Italy and also enjoyed the best month of his life studying abroad in Prague with 100 Eastern Europeans. He even knows how to say "I want to make love to a clown" in 13 languages, which by his standards, is a major accomplishment. 

In the future, "The BC" has showed him that he plans on putting to amazing use his economics and political science background by moving to Los Angeles to do film/TV stuff for a living... and have fun every second of the time doing it. 

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