Liz Fulton has spent her career in BC as a talented volleyball player, but she has always felt there was something more out there. The life of a division one athlete is wrapped completely in her sport, and Liz has felt the pinch. Fulton has managed to devote at least some of her time to the Irish Club, and the rest of that free time is taken up by a long-distance relationship with the mysterious Ron Minter.


Laura Murphy '08

Laura Murphy is a sophomore English and Theater major at Boston College. She has acted onstage since elementary school participating in various community theater, high school, and college productions. Additionally, she has appeared in a few student films both here at BC and in high school. Though she currently resides in Saratoga Springs, NY, she's moved quite a bit up and down the East coast, the South, and the Midwest. She's never been to California, but still engages in quite a bit of California dreamin', especially during the Boston winters.

Laura's other interests include reading anything she can get her hands on, writing poetry, and taking walks. The BC has been a really fun and exciting way to expand her acting and though she plans to stick to the stage she wouldn't say no to a movie contract. She's an avid OC watcher and though she draws her inspiration from the first season character, Anna, her favorite OC character is Ryan because he's brooding, thoughtful and extremely attractive. That's hot. 

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