An established and respected Jesuit in the BC, Father Don has always championed the legacy of St. Ignatius: "Go set the world aflame." Whether it is the everyday kindness he shows to the everyday student, or giving a second chance to college kids who get in trouble with the law, Father Don goes the distance for anyone he can help. His most recent challenge is twofold: Father Don must somehow incorporate Woody into the BC community that is very, very different from the world he came from. In order to keep Woody in Boston College , he must keep his old friend Sean Hanlon, Director of Admissions, in a favorable mood toward what Director Hanlon has called, Father Don's "Little experiment."


Fr. Don MacMillan, S.J.

A native of Boston (Jamaica Plain - yea JP!), he attended BC High and then
entered the Society of Jesus. Education was at Boston College and he enjoys being a triple Eagle (BC High, BC undergrad, BC grad). Law School grads will disagree but we triple Eagles allow them the glory of being the first triple Eagles!

Moving right along, Fr. Don taught Latin and Spanish and an occasional religion course At BC High, The Cranwell School in Lenox, MA and Bishop Connolly High School in Fall River, MA. He held various positions in secondary ed. administration at BC High and Bishop Connolly. He served for twenty-six years in secondary schools. He has been at BC for ten years now and loves the ministry. He is a resident minister having lived for five
years in CLXF and now in 110 Thomas More Drive (aka St. Ignatius Gate). If you're doing the math, he is 39 and holding! Of course, he was never good at math.

As a campus minister, Fr. Don has been on regular rotation for the Sunday
evening liturgies in St. Joseph's Chapel and now the Lannon Chapel in St. Ignatius Church. He has participated in a number of retreats, 48 hours weekends, Half-Time weekends. He was asked to run an immersion program to Cuernavaca, Mexico and has done so for ten years. He is now preparing the team for the eleventh year. He has also been to El Salvador three times with BC groups. He coordinates the annual remembrance of the Jesuits and companions slaughtered in El Salvador at the Jesuit University. For this reason he leads a group to Ft. Benning, Georgia to pray in vigil that the United States government close the School of the Americas and apologize for training and enabling foreign troops in the killing of their brothers and sisters. The group shares many hours of stories and faith with other students from the Jesuit Colleges and Universities as well as Jesuit High Schools and other apostolic works such at the JVC. This Ignatian Family Teach-In has energized the desire for human rights, justice, solidarity and peace in these Jesuit school students and their faculty who attend with them.

In addition he is the Faculty Advisor to the Bands Program. He is most visible with the Marching Band and the Pep Bands although he attends and is a big supporter of the BC bOp! ( yea! Jazz!) and the other ensembles.

He officiates at many weddings and baptisms of friends and Alumni from east coast to west and north to south. Loves weddings in the winter in Florida!!! Many families rely on him for support in their grieivng moments as well.

Being in The BC has opened up a whole new way to be present to students, to minister to them in video games, countless retakes, flubbed lines and backbreaking laughter. He has many favorite lines but "you've gotta have a
plan" ranks up high.

Fr. Don says it is an honor and privilege to be part of such a great movement of solidarity and pure fun on campus. AMDG!

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