As Director of Admissions at Boston College, Sean Hanlon has been living life and accepting students strictly by one unswerving way – SAT scores, SAT scores, SAT scores. But when long-time friend Father Don MacMillan persuades Sean to change his ways in accepting a BU loner for who he is as a person, Hanlon concedes as a favor. But now, Hanlon’s reputation is on the line as he second guesses himself on whether or not a reckless kid from BU will destroy his status as a not only a highly distinguished administrator... but a man of impeccable integrity.


Sean Hanlon ‘06

Sean Hanlon is a theology, accounting, and economics major at Boston
College. His place of origin is Pleasant Hill, CA. He would like to clarify
that that is in the northern part of the state, known colloquially as 
"Nor Cal," and no, he does not surf everyday nor does he smoke 
large amounts of marijuana (in case you were wondering). He acts
in "The BC" and is known to tear scripts apart during planning stages
and cause the creators headaches. His acting resume consists of a few
theatre classes in high school and being related to an extra in "Flubber". 

Because his father has told him time and again that he will probably get
sued by someone over copyright issues, Sean courteously requests that
neither Fox nor the artists whose music is sampled sue the group because
quote "this shit is so funny."

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