Ryan Fox  (Michigan '06) Co-Writer

Ryan is a Creative Writing and English Literature major at the University of Michigan. He is completing an Honors Thesis of original fiction in between bouts of frostbite.

Ryan and Woody formed a deep connection after Woody laid siege to his favorite sweatshirt during the National Student Leadership Conference in the year 2001 AD. Over the past five years Ryan and Woody remained close - often plotting, scheming, ploying and wiring bail money. Ryan become involved in The BC when Woody traded the hustle and bustle of London for the dreaming spires of Oxford. After editing and contributing bits and pieces to Woody's Episode 2 script, the two wrote the beginnings of Episode 3 and outlined Episode 4 at a pub while on spring break. Their friends grew tired of them quoting their own writing, and the scripts were put on hold until the Fall. Since returning to the States Ryan has co-written Episodes 3 and 4.

Ryan is the founder of the St. Desmond's Press and co-founder of Regis Productions. He is currently working on a screenplay that he will most likely never finish. He is slated to work as an Alumnus Mentor at Regis High School next year, working closely with the REACH Program. Post-Regis he plans to move to LA and charm his way up from the mailroom.

Ryan wants to thank Ricky Gervais for his generous input on Episodes 3 and 4. He'd also like to thank his family for support and tuition, the Jude the Obscure pub in Oxford, Verizon, Regis High School, the University of Michigan, Hostess for their Mini-Muffins, and his friends and roommates. He'd like all potential corporate sponsors to know that he shamelessly adores swag and can very easily be bought. Ryan would also like Kevin Huvane of CAA to know that he has extensive sorting experience and cleans up real good. Of course, Ryan greatly appreciates the opportunity to work with such a phenomenally talented group of people, and applauds the administration of Boston College for being so supportive.

Ryan can be reached at foxryan AT umich.edu. 


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