Ryan Lukewalker is the newest sensation of the BC: already labeled a "Diaper Dandy" by Dick Vitale, Lukewalker rules the BC with a swagger and confidence all his own. He is committed to playing the role of Big Man on Campus, even if he doubts his abilities deep inside. The boyfriend of Melissa Hooper, Ryan Lukewalker has no time and less patience sharing the spotlight with a misplaced Terrier, even if he and Woody may have more in common than either of them know... Stranger than the inner turmoil that rages inside Lukewalker is the rap music that seems to accompany him every time he enters a room.


Ryan Farnan ‘06

Ryan Farnan is the Head Manager of the BC Men’s Basketball Team (so he’s kind of the ‘captain’ of the managers.) He is a member of the CSOM Honors Program, majoring in Marketing with a Film Studies minor. A sufferer of chronic ‘roommate jungle fever,’ Ryan is a two-time roommate of Craig Smith and Louis "Byrd" Hinnant, the men whom he’d aspire to be if he were big, black, and wanted a sweet mustache and/or braces.

Using his CSOM skills (which he’s learned from Fr. McGowan, star of episode one, among others), Ryan is a marketing consultant for The BC, advising Woody and Joe on the characters that have a face for promotion (Ryan Lukewalker) and those that have a face for radio (Woody Atryan.)

Ryan was born on December 25, 1983 in Albany, NY, or, as his mother calls it, "The worst Christmas ever." He went through school with a unique flare for confidence in the classroom and complete cowardice in his social life, a balance he has tried to maintain at BC. His collegiate friendships with Joe and Woody have given him true appreciation for his friends in high school. He turned Woody on to both Coldplay and Bill "Sports Guy" Simmons (the Holy Grails of music and writing, respectively) and Joe on to The OC (the Holy Grail of life), so osmosis dictates that he is the real driving force behind this multimedia force of a show – the guy who really knows "…how it’s done at Boston College."

Ryan thanks his family for their moral and monetary support, and for not ‘throwing out the baby with the bathwater’ when he was an infant. Further thanks to all of the girls he’s ever met for forcing him to develop the defense mechanisms that have led to his prodigious talent for puns; Conan O’Brien for helping him perfect his self-deprecation; Chandler Bing for being his fictional role model; Coldplay for making loneliness sound beautiful; Matt Damon for lending his genetic code; and Jessica Simpson for filling the walls of his dorm room.

Cute girls are asked to send fan mail, love letters, and marriage proposals to Ryan’s Facebook page or Ignacio B63 – after living with Craig, he’s used to having big packages around.

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