Autumn is Melissa's best friend and a hard-partying Boston Collegian. Melissa enjoys Boston College sports, though she hasn't played one since high school. She enjoys a spirited football or hockey…player. Autumn is pushy, supremely confident, and nearly oblivious to the outside world because of her ipod.

Since freshman year, Melissa has been sitting next to Seth Lohan in at least one of her classes a semester. It's not stalkerish…it just worked out that way. Somehow Autumn has never noticed this, or Seth's years-long crush, but when Lohan is pushed to exude some new-found confidence, Autumn will have to re-evaluate what she's been doing with her time at BC. 


Jess Colavita '07

Jessica Colavita is an English major at Boston College. From Charlotte, North Carolina, she loves the Carolina Panthers with a passion and drinks sweet tea. She would like to clarify that yes, she does have a southern accent, but she only uses it "when necessary." Jessica got involved with "the BC" through Asinine, a sketch and improv comedy group that Woody and Joe are also in, and of which she is the co-producer. Jessica loves being in "the BC" because she has absolutely no responsibilities beyond having her makeup and hair done.

Jessica would like to thank her family for inspiring her ridiculous antics and stories. She would like to thank her friends for everything, especially for not letting her be able to distinguish between them laughing with her or at her. "The truth is too much for her," explains Deborah McKibbles, her manager and roommate. She would also like to send her love to her roommates for not getting really mad when she won’t stop yelling at the tv during football games.

Cute boys can send all fan mail to her through email or facebook, as long as you are over 18/under 12. 

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