Dan McDonald has been the chairman of BCs trustee board for as long as anyone can remember. In the cutthroat world of collegiate administrations, McDonald is feared and respected by friend and enemy alike. He is cold and calculating; he has little time for frivolities and no time for weakness. Daniel will eliminate all obstacles not in his or BCs interest, and will not hesitate to remove any official, no matter how powerful, from Boston College. When he wants the job done right, hell do it himself.


Timothy Cameron 07

Timothy Cameron (A&S 07) was once described by a professor as "The scariest man to wear a kilt at Boston College." Seeing as he has only worn the kilt to class once, he considers it quite an accomplishment.

Born in Nov, 1984, the Braintree, MA native got his acting start with his High School theater guild where he played mostly villains, such as the likeable scumbag Jigger in "Carousel," and the tortured Javert in "Les Miserables." Despite Tims ability to play villains, the young Political Science major is often described as a "nice, happy guy," by those who know him.

His inexplicable fascination with Eastern Europe has brought him there twice, to Bosnia as a volunteer English teacher, and to Bulgaria as a language student. He also takes classes in Bulgarian language at BC, and hopes to someday get a job with the State Department somewhere in the Balkans.

When not attending class, doing homework or filming, Mr. Cameron can be found either at work for Boston College Dining Services, playing an instrument for the Irish Music program or for the Boston College Screaming Eagles Marching Band, singing in the Liturgy Arts Group (when he manages to show up for rehearsal), playing HALO, or pursuing unattainable women.

For anyone who wishes to send Tim fanmail, facebook him. For any young attractive women who are interested in dating Mr. Cameron, his advice to you is, seek professional help.

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